BioFibre Cement

TTS is in the process of developing a unique line of biofibre-cement biocomposite products that combine biofibres with ordinary Portland cement to produce a versatile end product for use in a broad range of applications, including biofibre cement block, biofibre cement siding or cladding for homes.

The injection of biofibre confers novel properties to the resulting cement, improving structural performance, functionality and insulating properties compared to conventional cement products.

For example, TTS’ biofibre cement block (BCB) product is significantly lighter and offers a higher insulating value than conventional cement. It is also non-combustible and is naturally resilient to termites and rot.(In-house Fire Test)

To view the technical specifications of TTS’ Biofibre Cement Blocks,  please click here.

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For more information about TTS’ BioFibre cement block products, please contact us.