The BioComposites Group is interested in partnering with manufacturers looking to bring new fibre-based product innovations to market. As the BioComposites Group acts as an incubator to help fibre-based products reach commercialization, many opportunities exist for manufacturers to steward new innovations using TTS technologies.

BioComposite Incubator Alliance

TTS is creating an incubator for natural fibre technologies and companies. It is a response to the business opportunity that exists in helping companies develop technologies and create products. TTS is ideally suited to capture this opportunity: its experience in product development and process improvement and its strong network within the natural fibre industry make it a key partner; its technological assets and production capacity fill a critical resource gap for the industry; and its global reputation and understanding of opportunities emerging in the natural fibre space make it an asset in this important new industry.


The overall objective of TTS is to develop its capacity as an incubator. TTS is currently focused on developing a pilot fabrication centre to bridge the gap between basic lab-scale research and development and commercialization of products and technologies in the natural fibre industry.